Console Access Server Products for Out of Band Management

When normal in band communication is not available, WTI console access server products provide a convenient means to create secure, encrypted, outbound SSH connections to network devices via dial up. This means that even when can’t establish a normal network connection, you can still dial into a WTI console access server via modem and create outbound SSH connections to allow communication with devices on your secure local area network or intranet.

If you need to communicate with a remote facility that doesn’t have network access, such as an oil rig or remote equipment closet, the a console access server allows you to establish a secure, encrypted connection via modem and then communicate with other devices at that location.

Outbound SSH and outbound Telnet capabilities also allow employees to log into the console access server from a remote location via modem, and then access files on their work computers, even when a network connection is unavailable or impractical.

Secure passwords and a dialback feature protect outbound SSH and outbound Telnet capability from unauthorized access via modem. In cases where outbound SSH capabilities are not needed or are undesirable, the feature can also be easily disabled via the console access server unit’s Network Configuration menu.

Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) designs and manufactures remote device management products for IT applications. WTI’s Serial Console Server products, Remote Reboot products, Switched PDU products and A/B Fallback products are engineered to allow you to securely manage and troubleshoot rack equipment in remote locations.

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