Direct Connect Capabilities for Out of Band Management Applications

WTI Out of Band Management products include Direct Connect capabilities, that allow you to initiate a Telnet, SSH or Raw Socket session with the Out of Band Management unit and then make an immediate connection to a serial port of your choice, without first being presented with the Out of Band Management unit’s command interface. This allows you to connect to a TCP port that’s mapped directly to one of the Out of Band Management unit’s RS232 Serial Ports.

The Direct Connect feature employs unique, preassigned TCP port numbers for each RS232 Port on the Out of Band Management unit. The user connects to the port of choice by including the associated TCP port number in the Telnet or SSH connect command line. When Standard Telnet Protocol is used, the WTI Out of Band Management unit will respond to all IACs.

The Direct Connect feature can be individually configured at each RS232 Port using the Serial Port Configuration Menus and Network Port Configuration Menu. Configuration functions include the ability to enable or disable the Direct Connect function at each serial port on the Out of Band Management unit, and also set password requirements for each individual serial port.

In addition, the Direct Connect option can also be configured to send a break character whenever a Raw Socket connection is terminated at an individual port on the Out of Band Management unit. And Direct Connection can also be specifically enabled or disabled for each Out of Band Management user account.

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