ExtMan – Create, Edit and Delete File Extensions in Windows

Why is it that each new generation of Windows seems to make common tasks like this more difficult instead of easier?

Windows 7 users who have been working under Windows XP previously may have noticed that the way file extensions are managed have changed in the new operating system. Users who want to assign a program to a file extension need to open the Windows Control Panel, click on Default Programs and there on associate a file type or protocol with a program. Windows XP users were able to control the behavior in detail in Folder Options instead.

Even worse, there is no option to create a new file type, edit an extension’s properties or change the icon. ExtMan is a free portable program for Windows users who want to create, edit or delete file extensions in the operating system. It adds the functionality to Vista and Windows 7, but runs fine under Windows XP as well.

The program displays a list of all known file extensions on startup. The list of extensions can be sorted by extension or file type. Users who are looking for a specific file extension can use the built-in search to do that comfortably.

file extensions

English users need to click on the US flag to change the language from German to English. A selection menu is displayed on the right side to edit, create or delete extensions among other features. The easiest way to edit an existing extension is to double-click it in the extension listing.

edit file extension

Here it is possible to change the extension icon, manage actions, configure whether the file extension should always be shown in the operating system and if a confirmation is required to open files with the extension after download.

Actions can be created, edited or deleted. There is furthermore an option to configure a default action if multiple are available.

Another handy feature is the ability to create a backup of a selected extension to be able to restore it at a later time.

The final two options available are to reset the IconCache, which is handy if an extension icon has been modified, deleted or added, and Edit Flags to add flags to extensions.

ExtMan is a handy program for Windows users who want to create, edit or delete file extensions in the operating system.

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