Facebook Blocker Extension – Block Facebook Scripts

Here’s an interesting extension for Facebook users who are concerned about privacy …

Most weblogs and a lot of other websites have started to use Facebook scripts on their Internet pages. The most prominent script is Facebook Like, which displays a like button and the “likes” on the web page. Likes are basically votes for that page by Facebook users. There are other Facebook scripts, like recommendations for instance that can appear on websites as well.

Facebook Blocker is a web browser extension that blocks those Facebook plugins and scripts from appearing on third party websites. The scripts will still work fine on Facebook. Scripts that are integrated directly and by the use of iFrames are blocked. A positive side effect is that it will also block Facebook from tracking the browsing history much like tracking cookies do.

Facebook Connect, which is a service by Facebook to offer sign-in to services using their Facebook account, will continue to work on third party sites as well.

The Facebook Blocker extension removes the Facebook script from the website so that it is not executed or visible anymore. This is an automated process. The user basically needs to install the extension and keep it activated for as long as Facebook content’s should be blocked in the web browser.

Facebook Blocker is available for Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Downloads are provided directly on the project homepage over at Webgraph.

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