One-Click Web Proxy Extension for Google Chrome

While this might not be the most secure way to surf the web, it does provide an easy way to get to blocked web sites …

It can sometimes be very handy to access a website or service through a proxy server. Why? It can be that the service is limited access to users from a specific country, or that a website that you want to access is banned or blocked in a country or computer network. Proxies are often the solution when it comes to visiting blocked websites. They are not a solution for all issues though and users should make sure not to enter sensitive information while using a third party proxy server.

1-Click Web Proxy is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that can load any web page through a proxy in one click.

The extension places an icon in the Chrome address bar that, when clicked, loads the page again in a supported web proxy.

chrome web proxy

Does it work on all sites? Not really but it should work on the majority of sites, especially on all sites that do not use streaming or advanced technologies. The proxy server used supports https connections which means it works with sites like Twitter or Facebook as well. It is obviously up to the user to make use of the proxy this way, considering the risk involved. Normal web surfing on the other hand is fine and should not pose a security risk.

It would be handy if the website could be loaded through the proxy right away. That’s unfortunately not the case. Still, it can be used to load a website that is not loading properly for instance using the web proxy.

The web proxy used it My advise: Use the proxy for normal web surfing but not for accounts other sensitive tasks.

1-Click Web Proxy is available for direct installation at the official Google Chrome Extensions gallery

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