Opera 11 Final Out, Download Now

Yesterday we had an article about the availability of an Opera 11 release candidate … now today, here’s the real deal.

Only days after releasing three release candidates of Opera 11, Opera Software released the final version of Opera 11 making it the new flagship desktop browser of the Norwegian company. Users who want to skip straight to the download can download the Internet browser directly from the company’s website for all supported operating systems.

Those who are interested in the features that Opera 11 has to offer can read on to find out. The most dominant addition to Opera 11 are extensions which we have already reviewed in earlier development snapshots of the browser. Extensions work a lot like they do in the Chrome browser, as they can be installed and uninstalled without browser restart.

Companies and users have already ported several popular extensions, like the Last Pass password manager, to Opera and it is likely that the pace will increase with the final release of Opera 11.


But extensions are not everything. Four additional new features in Opera 11 are the following:

  • Tab stacking, which can be used to stack tabs on top of each other to group them and save space at the same time. There is more to tabs than meets the eye. Opera comes with native support for protecting tabs for instance or saving sets of tabs.
  • Improved address field, which now displays additional information on first glance.
  • Visual mouse gestures, allowing the user to control some features of the browser, like moving back and forward in the history, with the mouse at any position in the browser.
  • Mail Panel. Opera comes with an email client built-into the browser, and the new mail panel offers better ordering of items for instance.

Not to mention that the browser is one of the fastest web browsers available these days.

Opera Software has released a video to celebrate the release of Opera 11.

Interested users can take a look at the features page over at Opera for in depths information about the web browser’s features.

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