Opera Snap Links – Another Useful Extension Ported

Here’s an interesting add-on for Opera 11 …

The introduction of extensions in Opera 11 and the release of Opera 11 final has seen an increase in third party development for the web browser. Popular browser extensions, like the Last Pass password manager, have already found their way to the Opera browser. The latest port of a useful add-on is called Snap Links which adds options to open multiple links at once in Opera.

The feature works exactly like it does in Firefox; Draw a box around selected links by holding down the left mouse button. Releasing the button will open all selected links at once in the background. Only major links are opened in the browser if the mouse button is released.

Opera users can press Shift to include all links in the selection. This can for instance be handy on Google to open the site links as well.

opera snap links

There is also an option to move the rectangle by pressing the Alt key.

Snap Links can be very handy to open multiple threads in a forum, links on Twitter or lots of images if they are linked on a page.

Snap Links is only available for Opera 11. Opera users can visit the extension page to install it directly in the browser. Google Chrome users should check out Snap Links for their browser, Firefox users can check Multi Links.

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