AutoSensitivity – Set Different Mouse and Touchpad Sensitivities

This one sounds particularly useful for touchpad users …

Laptop owners usually can use the built-in touchpad or a computer mouse on their devices, and most owners will surely agree that the usability differs highly depending on that choice. The Windows operating system offers no option to configure different sensitivities for mouse and touchpad uses which can be extremely frustrating for users who switch between both input methods regularly.

The free software program AutoSensitivity changes that by offering the user an option to define different sensitives for mouse and touchpad use.


The application offers one screen with options to set different sensitivities. Sliders are available for both touchpad and mouse to change their sensitivity on the fly. It is furthermore possible to get the actual sensitivity with a click on the Get Current button. A click on apply saves the new sensitivity settings which are from that moment on available on the system.

The application will from then on switch the mouse sensitivity automatically depending on the input device without further user interaction. Users who switch regularly and find the application useful can set it to run at system startup so that it is automatically available.

AutoSensitivity is available at the Codeplex website. The application can be run on systems that have the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed. (via)

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