Check Device Conditions at Remote Network Installations

One of the most difficult challenges of managing a remote network equipment site is the task of keeping track of the condition of individual devices at the remote site. If a remote network element crashes, or is on the verge of crashing, then a network administrator needs to know about the problem before it effects network communication and complaints from frustrated users start to pour in. That’s why WTI Console Server Management products include a ping response alarm which can ping user-specified devices at regular intervals, and then notify administrators when one of those devices ceases to respond to ping commands.

When the ping response alarm on a WTI Console Server Management unit is enabled, the console server management unit will regularly ping devices at user-defined IP addresses and check for a reply to the ping command. If a device ceases to respond to ping commands, the Console Server Management unit can immediately notify the appropriate personnel via SNMP Trap, email, text message or SYSLOG message. This allows the Console Server Management unit to constantly check the health of remote network elements, and then promptly notify administrators when it appears that a device has locked up or crashed.

Once the network administrator knows that a remote network element has ceased to respond, the administrator can then contact the non-responsive unit via the Console Server Management unit and access console port command functions on the problematic network element in order to view unit status, perform diagnostic functions, invoke troubleshooting commands or change configuration parameters in order to address the problem. If desired, the ping response alarm can also be configured to send a second “all clear” message if it determines that the unit has started responding to ping commands again.

WTI Console Server Management products provide a perfect tool for network administrators who need both out of band communication with remote network elements, and a means to monitor operating and environmental conditions at remote network equipment sites.

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