Console Access Servers Detect Problems at Remote Network Installations

When a remote network equipment site includes a Console Access Server, network managers can access remote network elements via the console access server and address many network performance issues that might otherwise require a service call to the remote site. Console Access Server units provide a secure, reliable out of band management solution, that enables administrators to communicate with remote network elements, even when the primary network is down or unavailable.

Console Access Server units serve as the “heart” of an out of band management solution, allowing network administrators to communicate with remote network devices via secondary network, satellite or dial-up modem. An out of band management solution saves both time and money by reducing the time required to respond to remote network emergencies, allowing administrators to get networks back up and running more quickly and reducing or eliminating the need for expensive service calls to remote sites. When a Console Access Server is deployed at a remote network site, administrators can easily access console port command functions on remote network elements in order to perform status checks and diagnostic functions, troubleshoot problems and change configuration parameters for remote devices without a long trip to a remote equipment cabinet or an expensive trip to a remote installation half way across the country.

WTI Console Access Server products provide the ideal tool for secure, reliable out of band communication with remote network elements. WTI Console Access Servers do more than just provide remote access to faraway network devices, they also provide remote environmental and event monitoring for remote sites, enabling administrators to monitor rack temperatures, detect unresponsive devices and power abnormalities, alarm events and user activity. WTI Console Access Servers include a powerful assortment of alarm functions, which can provide notification via SNMP Trap, email, text message or SYSLOG message when specific user-defined events, such as temperature spikes, ping response failure and excessive invalid access attempts are observed.

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