How a Serial Switch Can Provide a Local Solution for Remote Network Problems

Sometimes, when a remote network device crashes or ceases to respond, all work suddenly comes to a grinding halt. Users who depend on a remote server, router or firewall can’t work on important projects, and there’s nothing to do but wait until the service team travels to the remote site and gets that device back up and running again. But that’s just the way things go, right? Well, not exactly; especially not if your remote network equipment site includes a serial switch product to allow out of band management of remote network elements.

When a serial switch is deployed at a remote network site, there’s no need to travel to the site in person. If your network includes an out of band management solution, then even if normal network communication is not available, you can still log in to the serial switch via secondary network, dial-up modem or satellite modem and have fast, secure access to console port command functions on remote network elements.

A serial switch and a carefully conceived out of band management solution can save time and money by cutting the time required to recover from a network disaster, allowing your network users to get back to work sooner and eliminating the need for a costly, time-consuming service call to the remote site. Instead of waiting for your service team to travel to the site and correct the problem, network administrators can establish and out of band connection with a troublesome remote network device and immediately start issuing diagnostic and troubleshooting commands to correct the problem … without even leaving thier office or missing lunch.

WTI serial switch products are specifically designed for out of band management of remote network elements. In addition to allowing out of band communication with remote sites, a WTI serial switch can also monitor environmental conditions, operating conditions and network events at remote sites, and let you know when rack temperatures rise too high, when devices fail to respond to ping commands, when power or communication is disrupted, when port buffers become full or when excessive invalid access attempts are detected.

When any of the above conditions are detected, the WTI serial switch can also provide prompt notification via SNMP Trap, email, text message or Syslog, allowing rapid response to critical conditions and often enabling network administrators to avert larger problems by addressing the root causes of the problems before they cause a major crash.

Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) designs and manufactures remote device management products for IT applications. WTI’s Serial Switch and Console Server products, Remote Reboot products, Switched PDU products and A/B Fallback products are engineered to allow you to securely manage and troubleshoot rack equipment in remote locations.

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