How Out of Band Management Can Help Minimize Network Down-Time

These days, it’s hard to imagine any kind of large business that doesn’t rely on network communication to one extent or another. In fact, most companies are so reliant on their networks, that when the network crashes or is unavailable, the whole company comes to a grinding halt; orders can’t be processed, stock can’t be checked, financial data can’t be accessed and even simple-yet-vital tools such as email communication suddenly vanish. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that the network be kept running 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. This can prove to be a challenging task for network administrators, but when your network infrastructure includes an out of band management solution with event alarms and alarm notification capabilities, it’s a whole lot less of a challenge.

WTI Out of Band Management products include a formidable array of alarm features that allow network administrators to keep constant tabs on network equipment conditions, allowing rapid response to network problems and in many cases, enabling administrators to take care of small issues before they turn into major, network-killing disasters. When a vital network element shows signs of minor troubles, WTI Out of Band Management units can detect those troubles, and inform administrators while there’s still time to take care of them before they cause the network to crash. Event alarms and environmental alarms can constantly monitor network devices, checking for unusual rack temperature fluctuations, device failure to respond to ping commands, power abnormalities and communication problems, and then notify administrators via SNMP Trap, email, text message or SYSLOG message when suspect conditions are detected.

Each alarm function on a WTI Out of Band Management unit can be individually configured, allowing network administrators to define specific events that will trigger alarms, and select appropriate personnel who should be notified when a particular type of troublesome event is detected. Simple, user-friendly configuration menus allow administrators to select specific temperature thresholds, ping response conditions, power events, invalid access events and other factors that will trigger an alarm, define a preferred notification method, and then route notification to the personnel who will be responsible for investigating the event.

This enables prompt response to minor signs of potentially disastrous problems, and allows administrators to address these problems before they turn into situations that could bring down an entire network.

In addition to detecting potential problems, WTI Out of Band Management units also include the capability to generate log records of rack environmental conditions, alarm events and user activities, and display this data as either straight data or in easy-to-read graph format. The information contained in the temperature logs, alarm logs and event logs can also prove helpful when performing a “post mortem” after a network event, allowing network administrators to more precisely determine what may have lead up to the problem in the first place in order to implement future preventative measures.

WTI Out of Band Management products provide an important tool for any network administrator who’s faced with the sometimes overwhelming task of ensuring that a large corporate network is always available when it’s needed. Our Out of Band Management solutions are designed to make a network administrator’s job easier, by allowing the administrator to know about problems before the complaints from frustrated network users start to roll in.

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