ImageFit – Scale Images Automatically in Firefox

If you’re bothered by over-size images that leap beyond the confines of page layout, then you’d probably be interested in this add-on.

The Firefox web browser scales images automatically to fit the current browsing window. Users who do not like the behavior can take a look at our guide How To Disable Dynamic Image Resizing In Firefox to disable the feature. There are however other possibilities where images may need to be resized. This is for instance the case on forums where images break the forum layout when they are too large.

One way to resolve that issue is the ImageFit add-on for Firefox which has been designed for exactly that purpose. The extension “resizes large images in forum post and webpages” to automatically fit the layout of the site. It “shrinks images down to sit neatly within the existing layout of the page, using the surrounding elements as a guide”.

The developer has created a demonstration page. The effect is best demonstrated by visiting the page once without the extension installed, and then again with it installed.

The image breaks the layout without the extension. A horizontal scroll bar is displayed on the screen which is needed to view the full image on the screen.

image fit

The same page with Image Fit installed and activated looks the following way:

image fit  demo

The add-on improves the usability of web forums and websites where images that break the layout are often posted. ImageFit is compatible with all Firefox 3 and Firefox 4 releases.

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