Managing User Accounts at Multiple Terminal Switch Units

The task of managing user accounts at multiple terminal switch units can often be challenging. Since the principle function of a terminal switch is to provide access to console port command functions on remote network elements, there are always many different types of users who need access to the terminal switch. This means that network administrators are frequently faced with chore of adding or removing users from numerous different terminal switch units, scattered across their networks.

With many terminal switch products, the only way to add or remove users from a series of terminal switch units is to access each unit individually and then add or remove users one at a time. Depending on the number of terminal switches effected, this can prove to be a very time consuming task. In order to simplify the task of adding and removing users from multiple terminal switch units, WTI terminal switch products include a convenient device management unit, which allows network administrators to manage user accounts on multiple WTI terminal switch units from a single, convenient interface. This eliminates the job of individually accessing a series of terminal switch units and manually changing user account parameters one at a time.

WTI terminal switch products streamline the task of managing user accounts at multiple terminal switch units, by enabling network administrators to add, delete or edit user accounts at multiple units from a single interface. The device management utility allows administrators to update user passwords and access capabilities, change user command levels, and service capabilities without the need to individually address multiple terminal switch units across a large network.

In addition to user account management capabilities, the device management utility also allows administrators to review device status for multiple terminal switch units and assign terminal switch units to groups, based on location, unit type, functionality, corporate department and many other factors.

The WTI device management utility simplifies the task of managing user accounts at multiple terminal switch units by providing a single, secure interface that can be used to manage user accounts and display device status without the need to individually address each terminal switch on the network. When other WTI devices, such as switched PDUs or A/B fallback switches are present on the network, the device management utility can also manage user accounts and display status conditions at those compatible units too. This not only speeds terminal switch management by allowing user access rights to be edited at multiple units at the same time, but also provides a level of consistency by ensuring new user account information is uniformly applied to all terminal switch units on the network.

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