Megaupload Instant Download Helper for Google Chrome

If you spend a lot of time downloading from file hosting sites, you might find this interesting …

Add-ons and extensions that promise to speed up the downloading of files that are hosted on file hosts such as Rapidshare or Megaupload come and go all the time. The main reason for this fluctuation is the cat and mouse game between file hosting providers and extension developers.

File hosts obviously are interested that users stay on their websites for as long as possible to earn from advertisements, make the site more attractive to advertisers and to sell their premium accounts to users who are not patient enough to wait. Nearly every file hosting site uses times, bandwidth limitations and other means to achieve these goals.

Extension developers on the other hand have to cope with ever changing scripts on the sites. File hosts change technicalities regularly to break extensions and other tools that offer faster downloads from their servers.

It will therefor be only a matter of time until the Google Chrome extension Megaupload Instant Download Helper needs to be updated. The extension for now offers to speed up downloads at the popular file hosting site Megaupload by bypassing the wait time limit that is imposed on free users.

megaupload download

The functionality of the website is not changed, which means that the regular download button is displayed once the countdown has reached zero. That may be helpful if the extension fails to display the download directly.

Megaupload Instant Download Helper can be installed directly from the Google Chrome Extensions gallery.

The extension tries to start downloads on Megaupload download pages automatically. Users who want to download files see the save as dialog directly even if the time is still counting down.

Alternatives are available for other browsers. Opera users may want to take a closer look at the Opera Download Helper extension, Firefox users at the userscripts Megaupload Automatic Downloader or Megaupload Automatizador Plus!.

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