NetLaunch – Start and Stop Programs if Internet Connection Drops or Becomes Available

I haven’t tried this one myself, but it sounds like it would come in handy when accessing internet based features from a mobile computer …

If you are on the move regularly with your laptop or netbook you may experience times where an Internet connection is available, and times where it is not. These network status changes are bad enough especially if you are working on a project that requires Internet connection. But there are also applications that you want to run when an Internet connection is available, and applications that you do not want to run when none is available, or vice verse.

It does not make sense for instance to run an email client, a streaming video or music service, or a sftp client without network connection. Those programs usually do not need to run and the majority of users close them manually in those situations.

NetLaunch basically automates the process. The application can be used to configure applications and actions that the program will perform when the net connection drops and becomes available. It is for instance possible to launch applications with the help of NetLaunch as soon as an Internet connection becomes available, or close some that are not needed when no connection is available.


Available actions are to launch a program with command line parameters if necessary, to quit or kill an application or do nothing. NetLaunch monitors the network connection of the computer and will apply the selected actions when a change is noticed.

internet connection monitor

Situations where NetLaunch may be useful:

  • To automatically close programs when the Internet connection drops, to prevent connection errors or to save battery
  • To launch applications when an Internet connection becomes available, e.g. an email client to check for new emails or an Instant Messenger for communication

The program settings hold the scan interval and an option to minimize the application to the Windows System Tray. NetLaunch has been developed as part of Donation Coder’s NANY 2011 challenge. It can be downloaded directly from the Donation Coder website. The software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework, a version is unfortunately not listed on the website.

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