Opera LinksRedirector Extension – Redirect Links Automatically

This one sounds kind of cool; particularly the part that lets you skip intro pages and go directly to a main page …

Some websites and services display interstitial pages which some users may not want to see. Google Images is an example for that. A click on an image search result does not load the image directly in full size, but an interstitial page. Users who only want to see the image in full size need to click again on that page before they can see it.

That’s just one example where redirects come in handy. Another has just been mentioned in the Bypass The Microsoft SmartScreen Filter.

LinkRedirector is an extension for the Opera 11 web browser that offers link manipulation options. The extension comes with preconfigured redirects for several popular services and websites. Among them Google, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, various image hosting sites like Flickr, DeviantArt or Picasa, file viewers like Google Docs or Zoho and https redirects for services such as Gmail, Twitter and MySpace.

Links can furthermore be opened with Google Translate (by holding down Ctrl-Alt) or Google Web Cache (by holding down Alt).


Filters can be added but knowledge of regular expressions is needed for this. It is basically possible to redirect any link regardless of its destination. It is for instance possible to redirect images directly to an online image editor, documents to an online service that displays them in the browser or to redirect links so that they bypass interstitial pages.

Links can be configured for automatic redirection or for hotkey redirects. This would redirect the link only if the assigned hotkey is activated which makes it possible to configure multiple services for the same link or file extension.

Opera 11 users who want a versatile tool to redirect links in the web browser find additional information and installation options at the Opera Extensions Gallery.

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