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Applications developed by SysInternals are used by many Windows technicians, system administrators and tech savvy computer users. The tool collection offers some of the best applications in their respective field, among the utilities like Autoruns, Process Explorer or Rootkit Revealer. The software programs can be downloaded separately from the website or as part of the SysInternal Suite which contains all public programs in their latest version.

One problem with both options is that the tools are not updated automatically which means that it is up to the user to find out if updates exist and if they do download and replace the old file versions with the new.

While it is possible to directly access the tools at it is usually better to have them available locally as they are then available even if no Internet connection is available.

SysInternals Updater has been designed to make the updating of SysInternals applications comfortable. The portable application can be used to scan a folder for existing programs, compare their versions with the latest versions and download selected program files to the local system.

It is semi-automated which means that it is up to the user to select the right folder where the applications are installed. Users should note that the tool assumes that all programs are stored in the same directory which is the case if the SysInternals Suite has been downloaded and unpacked.

sysinternals updater

SysInternals Updater checks the program versions of the selected folder automatically and auto-selects those files that are either not update or non existing in the folder. It is possible to select or deselect files which is the only way to update only those files that are already on the host system.

SysInternals Updater is a handy tool, especially for users who have downloaded the full suite of applications from SysInternals. The software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. A download is provided at the developer website.

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