Typo3 Winstaller – Windows Typo3 Environment

If you’re looking for a free webserver, you might want to check this one out …

Typo3 is a powerful Open Source content management system that runs on system that support recent versions of PHP and MySQL. Linux users usually do not have a problem installing PHP and MySQL on their systems, while Windows users may have troubles finding a solution to run them on their system.

Typo3 Winstaller is a free WAMP (which means Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) webserver that comes pre-installed with the Typo3 content management system. It basically offers everything needed to get started eliminating the need to install and configure the dependencies individually.

The installer sets up a full Typo3 environment on the system that can be used immediately without configuration. This can be helpful for developers, students, employees and everyone else who wants or needs to work with Typo3.

The main features of Typo3 Winstaller

  • Download and Play – no configuration and no other manually intervention is required
  • simple user interface
  • includes pre-configured Quickstart, Testsite and Dummy packages of TYPO3 (demo pages)
  • easy to try the full functionality of the CMS TYPO3
  • TYPO3Winstaller runs from portable hardware (i.e. MemorySticks) and from CD/DVD

The package is offered as a zip file and executable. The executable handles the unpacking for the user, the remaining process remains the same.

The application offers a basic control panel that displays information about running services (Apache, MySQL), options, logs and the ability to start and stop the Typo3 content management system.


Typo3 runs on the local system. The control panel launches the web interface in the default browser after installation or manual activation. This is at the same time the final test that everything is up and running.

typo3 winstaller

The welcome page links to several Typo3 related resources which is handy for beginners who want to learn Typo3.

Interested users can download Typo3 Winstaller from its project page over at Sourceforge.

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