Windows 7 Power Scheme Switcher

If you’re having problems configuring Windows 7’s power switching automation features, then this might help …

While it is possible to automate the power switching in the Windows 7 operating system with built-in means, it is not the easiest thing to do. An application like Power Scheme Switcher comes in handy as it provides the functionality for users of all experience levels.

Power Scheme Switcher basically offers to configure power modes for three conditions or states. An individual power mode can be set for each state so that the power modes are automatically switched when the system changes into another state.

power scheme switcher

Power Schemes for the following states can be configured:

  • Plugged in: This state is activated when the computer is plugged in a power source.
  • On battery: Activated when the PC is running on battery.
  • When battery is less then: Defines a new state when the battery power drops to a specified percentage.

All configured power schemes are available for selection including custom plans created by the user of the system. Users need to make sure to check the enable automatic switching option so that power states are automatically switched.

Power Scheme Switcher will change states automatically once it has been configured properly. The program requires no user interaction at this point.

It is however possible to switch power schemes manually from the application’s system tray icon.

Power Scheme Switcher has only been tested under Windows 7 by the developer. It runs fine on 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the operating system. A download is offered at the project website over at Codeplex.

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