A Remote Console Server with a Lost Communication Alarm Helps Keep Network Administrators Informed

Wouldn’t it be nice if your remote console server could notify you immediately whenever a connected device ceased to respond? WTI Remote Console Server products include a Lost Communication alarm feature, which can provide immediate notification via email, SNMP Trap, text message or SYSLOG message whenever communication with a connected WTI device is interrupted.

The Lost Communication alarm monitors response a “heartbeat” signal that the WTI Remote Console Server sends to an attached WTI device. If an attached WTI device fails to respond to the heartbeat signal, the WTI Remote Console Server can promptly notify up to three different network support personnel, allowing rapid response when critical network devices malfunction. This helps to minimize network downtime by allowing administrators and IT support personnel to address problems with network devices before the problems inconvenience network users.

If addition, the Lost Communication alarm also includes an option that enables the WTI Remote Console Server to send a second notification message if communication with the attached WTI device is re-established.

One of the biggest challenges for network professionals who are responsible for managing remote network devices, is the task of keeping informed regarding the condition of remote devices. When your remote network installation or off-site data center includes a WTI Remote Console Server, the Lost Communication alarm can help to simplify the chore of keeping track of remote network elements, and help IT support staff to react quickly when an important network devices ceases to communicate.

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