A Serial Switch that Can Notify You When Power is Interrupted

Sometimes, it’s difficult for a network administrator to know exactly what’s going on at a remote network equipment site. When the power supply to a remote device is interrupted, sometimes an administrator won’t know about it until a user complains or the power loss results in a larger problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way if your remote network equipment site includes a WTI Serial Switch. WTI Serial Switch products include a convenient Power Cycle Alarm that can promptly notify administrators when power is interrupted and then restored.

The Power Cycle Alarm is designed to detect power supply interruptions, and then immediately notify administrators when power is later restored. When power to the Serial Switch is lost and later restored, the Power Cycle Alarm can notify network administrators via email, SNMP trap, text message or SYSLOG message. If desired, the Power Cycle Alarm can be configured to send notification to up to three different email addresses, allowing prompt notification of both the principle network administrator as well as alternative/back-up personnel in the event that the primary administrator is not available.

When the Serial Switch notifies the administrator that a power supply interruption has occurred, this allows administrators to look into the possible causes of the interruption in order to avoid future power supply problems or enact power fallback measures. Without the Power Cycle Alarm, a remote equipment site might be subject to multiple daily power outages that the administrator would have no way of knowing about until they resulted in a network outage.

A WTI Serial Switch is a vital element in an effective out of band management solution. An impressive array of environmental and event alarms enables the WTI Serial Switch to help keep administrators better informed regarding conditions at remote network sites, and helps IT support staff to both respond more quickly to problems when they occur and to plan for and avoid future problems.

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