Change Firefox’s Minimum and Maximum Tab Width

If you’re in the habit of keeping a lot of tabs open, this might come in handy …

I just stumbled upon the Firefox extension Custom Tab Width which adds functionality to Firefox to change the minimum and maximum tab width. The default values are a minimum width of 100 pixels and a maximum width of 250 pixels. Custom Tab Width adds a small configuration window to Firefox where users can change the maximum and minimum tab width.

I did seem to recall however that this setting was available in the advanced configuration of the web browser. I’m not sure if I have written a guide in the past about this. I think I did but I cannot find it.

Firefox offers two parameters to change the minimum and maximum tab width of the browser. To change these parameters users need to enter about:config in the Firefox address bar and hit enter. This opens the advanced configuration. Users who never opened the configuration before see a warning page before the configuration is displayed to them.

The configuration holds many parameters and it is usually a good idea to use the filter at the top to display only those parameters that need to be edited. Enter in the filter form, this should display the following parameters:

firefox tab width

browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth defines the maximum width of each individual tab in the browser. The default value is set to 250 pixels.

browser.tabs.tabMinWidth defines the minimum width of each tab in the Firefox web browser. The default value is set to 100 pixels.

Why is there a minimum and maximum value for the tab width? Firefox changes the size of the tabs dynamically based on those values. A few open tabs are shown with 250 pixels which is reduced gradually until the minimum width 100 is reached.

A good value for the minimum width parameter is 25 which reveals enough so that the tabs can be identified. Some users may want to reduce the minimum width so that only the favicon of the site is displayed. These users need to reduce the minimum width further and test the setting with dozens of open tabs.

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