Dell Plans to Show Windows 8 Tablet in Q1 2012

Golly, I can hardly wait …

Leaks are our primary source of information at this point in development when it comes to Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 8. According to an internal tablet roadmap Dell is planing to release a Windows 8 powered Tablet codenamed Peju in the first quarter of 2012.

The interesting aspect of this is not that Dell plans to manufacture a Windows 8 tablet, but the time it is expected to be available. It does not necessarily mean that the tablet will be sold by then though. The availability of a Windows 8 tablet in the first quarter of 2012 would however mean that Windows 8 had to be released by then.

windows 8 tablet

Image courtesy of Android Central.

Mike points that out as well over at Windows 8 News:

It’s likely at this stage that Dell plan to unveil the tablet at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January and that this isn’t a schedule for the tablet actually going on sale. It’s the first hint we’ve had though about Windows 8 tablets.

Is it likely that Dell has information that the public has not? Microsoft is definitely keeping Dell and other premium partners in the loop about developments as companies need those information to plan ahead in time.

Another clue may be the development cycle of Windows 7. If you look back you notice that Windows 7 Milestone 3 was released in September 2008, roughly a year before the final version of the operating system. It is rumored that Microsoft is currently working towards that Milestone 3 release. What would it mean? That we would get a public beta and release candidate in 2011.

Back in June 2010 I predicted a Windows 8 release date in the last quarter of 2011 or the first quarter of 2012 based on internal Microsoft documents. Can it be that the prediction becomes true, after all?

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