Don’t Like the New Firefox Button? Then Change It!

If you’re unhappy with the way that the Firefox button looks in Firefox 4, here’s how to change it …

Firefox 3 users who switch to Firefox 4 for the first time need to get used to several interface changes that the developers have made. If you have followed the development from the first beta on you may have noticed that some of the design choices have been removed and replaced with something more Firefox-3 like. The mouse-over url information for instance were initially placed in the Firefox address bar but have been moved back to the bottom of the Firefox interface in the latest beta.

The Firefox button on the other hand is still there. The button that replaced the Firefox menu bar has been placed in the title bar. It is rather big and clunky and looks misplaced there. It is however not possible to move the button to another location. The only available option is to display the old menu of the browser instead of it.

firefox button

The Firefox add-on Movable Firefox Button has two interesting features. It can be used to resize and move the Firefox button from the title bar to another location.

smaller firefox button

The extension places a resized version of the Firefox button automatically into the tab bar from where it can be moved via drag and drop by selecting View > Toolbars > Customize.

It is possible to restore the button to its original location and size by disabling or uninstalling the add-on.

Movable Firefox Button is in many regards comparable to Firefox 3 add-ons such as Compact Menu which reduce the size requirements of the menu as well. The add-on is only available for Windows. (via)

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