Google Chrome Spellbox – Better Bookmarklet Management

Here’s an interesting extension for Google Chrome …

Bookmarklets are little scripts that are stored as bookmarks in the web browser. The term combines the two words bookmarks and applets. A bookmarklet is usually a JavaScript program that provides access to a specific function, for instance search or web page modifications.

Most users who make use of bookmarklets regularly place them in a location like the bookmark’s toolbar that’s easily accessible. Many like to place them in a single folder to save room and have them all at hand in the same location.

The Google Chrome extension Spellbook adds another management and accessibility option. It basically creates a special folder in the bookmarks that gets added to the right-click context menu of the web browser.

The main advantage? Users who hide the bookmarks toolbar, or have bookmarklets scattered around all over the bookmarks folder can now access all of them a lot easier.

spellbook bookmarklet

Chrome users who are already making use of bookmarklets need to move them from their current location to the new folder. The Bookmarklets folder gets created by Spellbook on installation. It functions like any other bookmarks folder which means it is possible to drag and drop bookmarklets from web pages and other bookmarks into it. It is furthermore possible to create subfolders in the bookmarklets folder which may be handy for users with lots of bookmarklets.

A right-click on a web page and the selection of Spellbook opens the bookmarklets that are stored in the folder. A left-click executes the selected bookmarklet on the page.

Users who have never used bookmarklets before find a good selection at the Marklets website.

The Spellbook extension is available for direct installation over at Google Chrome Extensions.

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