Google Chrome Stable Updated – Security Release

Here’s an important security update for Google Chrome Stable …

Google has just updated the stable version of their Google Chrome web browser. The release contains both feature additions and security fixes. The security fixes alone make it a recommended update for all Google Chrome stable users.

A total of nine security vulnerabilities have been fixed in Google Chrome 9.0.597.84 of which one received a critical vulnerability rating, the highest possible rating. Two vulnerabilities were rated as high and six as low. Two of the vulnerabilities are only affecting Apple Mac systems, the remaining seven all supported operating systems.

Consult the listing below for an overview (via):

  • [Mac only]Low Minor sandbox leak via stat().
  • High Use-after-free in image loading.
  • Low Apply some restrictions to cross-origin drag + drop.
  • Low Browser crash with extension with missing key.
  • High Crashing when printing in PDF event handler.
  • Low Handle merging of autofill profiles more gracefully.
  • [Mac only] Low Work around a crash in the Mac OS 10.5
  • Low Browser crash with bad volume setting.
  • Critical Race condition in audio handling.

The Google Chrome blog details the new features that have been added to the stable channel:

  • WebGL is now supported in Google Chrome stable. It is a “new technology which brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser”.
  • Chrome Instant will load frequently visited web pages as soon as the user begins to enter the url into the address bar.
  • The Chrome Web Store is now open toa ll Chrome users in the United States.

Google Chrome stable users can update the browser from within. They need to click on the wrench icon in the address bar and select About Google Chrome from the available options.

New users should consult our Where Can I Download The Different Google Chrome Builds? guide.

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