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Here’s another handy add-on for those who like to keep a lot of tabs open while browsing …

Users who open many tabs at once in a web browser will eventually run into display problems. The browser window is only capable of displaying a finite number of tabs at the same time. Some browsers offer to change the minimum tab width (see Change Firefox’s Minimum, Maximum Tab Width), but that is only a temporary solution as the available tabbed browsing space remains finite.

The Google Chrome extension Tab Title Search offers an interesting approach to handle the problem that not all tabs may be displayed in the browser window at the same time. The extension adds functionality to Google Chrome to display titles of all open tabs in an overlay window on the active tab page.

tab title search

Tabs are selected with the up and down keys on the keyboard or the mouse, the enter key switches to that tab.

A search is offered in addition to filter page titles. The search supports regular expressions. The overlay window is closed again with the ESC key.

The extension can be used without leaving the keyboard at all. All options, to display and close as well as to navigate, search and select, are accessible via the computer keyboard.

A blank search box is displayed on pages that are internal. This is for instance true for the web history, new tab page or extension management page. Tabs that have been open before installation of the extension need to be reloaded before the functionality becomes available when they are active.

The default keyboard shortcut to trigger the page title listing is Alt-G. It can be changed in the options to any letter plus Alt or Ctrl combination.

Tab Title Search is available for direct installation at the Google Chrome extensions gallery.

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