Internet Explorer 9 RC Download Links

If you’re anxious to get an advance look at IE9, you’re in luck …

Microsoft is set to enable Internet Explorer 9 RC downloads later today. The official Internet Explorer 9 test drive is currently offering the latest public beta build for download. Read on to find out how to download Internet Explorer 9 RC ahead of the crowd.

Users who do not want to wait can download the English 32-bit and 64-bit web installers by following the links below:

Windows 7

  • Internet Explorer 9 32-bit Web Installer [link]
  • Internet Explorer 9 64-bit Web Installer [link]

Windows Vista

  • Internet Explorer 9 32-bit Web Installer [link]
  • Internet Explorer 9 64-bit Web Installer [link]

Users who want to download different language editions need to alter the three letter language code at the end of the file name, for instance from enu to esn for Spanish, ptb for Portuguese or deu for German.

There does not seem to be a need to uninstall a beta version prior to installing the release candidate. An upgrade worked fine on a Windows 7 test system that had the latest beta installed.

internet explorer 9 rc

Please note that the installation requires a restart of the computer system.

So what’s new in Internet Explorer 9 RC? Microsoft has overhauled the user interface slightly. Tabs have been improved not only visually but also with an option to move them below the address bar of the web browser.

internet explorer 9

Both tracking protection and ActiveX filtering have been added to Internet Explorer 9 RC. The two features are available under Tools > Safety.

tracking protection activex filtering

Tracking Protection can be used to automatically block contents on websites that are used to track the user. This can be maps, advertisements and other elements that have been designed for that purpose.

tracking protection

Tracking Protection is an opt-in feature that users need to activate individually before it can protect from tracking related scripts.

ActiveX filtering is another opt-in feature, this time however without configuration screen. It can be activated under Tools > Safety and acts as a global filter. There does not seem to be an option to turn it on or off selectively.

Microsoft made progress compatibility-wise. The Acid 3 test is now showing a result of 95/100, the HTML5 test a score of 116 / 300 and 5 bonus points. This is still far away from browsers such as Google Chrome who score more than twice the points:

  • Internet Explorer 9 RC 116+5 / 300
  • Google Chrome 10 244+13 / 300
  • Opera 11.01 177+7 / 300
  • Firefox 4 Pre-Beta 12 207+8 / 300

No official release notes have been posted yet, we keep you updated on that and update the article as soon as the offline installers become available as well.

Internet Explorer 9 is expected to be released at Mix 11 which takes place between April 12 and 14 in Las Vegas.

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