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This looks useful. I might actually try this one out myself …

The Open Source software jPDF Tweak offers options to manipulate one or multiple pdf documents. Have you ever felt the need to split or merge pdf files, move pages around or add watermarks to a number of pdfs? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions then jPDF Tweak is the software for you, providing that you have access to an operating system with Java installed.

The pdf software actually does a lot more than what has already been mentioned in the opening paragraph. Lets take a closer look at some of its features. The application can be started right after it has been downloaded and unpacked on the system.

It displays a number of tabs at the top that lead to various functions and options. The input and output tabs are the only mandatory tabs, everything else is option.

jpdf tweak

PDF documents are added in the input tab. Options are available to process only some pages of a document and not all of them.

The folder the new pdf document is saved to is defined in the output tab. It offers additional options, for instance to use better compression or optimize the pdf size.

The following processing options are available via other tabs:

  • Page size: Option to rotate pages and scale ages to another page size, width and height.
  • Watermark: Add a watermark to the newly created pdf document.
  • Shuffle: Options to reverse the page order, display multiple pages on one resulting page or create a pdf booklet.
  • Page numbers: Change the page numbers..
  • Bookmarks: Change chapter bookmarks, options to import from PDF or CSV.
  • Attachments: Add attachments to the pdf file.
  • Interaction. Add page transitions and change viewer preferences (e.g. hide toolbar, menubar, direction or view area.
  • Document info: Change document meta information like title, subject, keywords or author and creator.
  • Encrypt / Sign: encrypt the pdf document with a password or sign it.

The interface of the application feels old fashioned, but that should not keep users away from the pdf manipulation software. JPDF Tweak offers solutions for many common pdf file editing tasks.

Users who are interested in the application can download it from the Sourceforge project page.

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