Mozilla F1 Social Add-On Updated – Drops Firefox 3.6 Support

Given the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, this makes a heck of a lot of sense …

Mozilla F1 is one of the few official add-ons by the Mozilla Messaging team. The extension basically offers quick access to share links and websites faster. Mozilla Messaging recently updated F1 and the thing that sticks out in the new version is that support for the Firefox 3.6 browser has been dropped. Not because the developers want to push Firefox 4 but because it has been designed to make use of user interface elements that are not supported in Firefox 3.

Currently, only Firefox 4 beta users can install the new version of F1. A lot has changed in the new release, especially the user interface has been overhauled. The first version of F1 was displayed as a “horizontal layout stretching across the width of the browser” which worked fine for a first prototype but limited the ability of the team to add service specific features to the add-on.

The new version uses a vertical layout which “allowed more space for direct messaging UI” and made the “doorhanger UI […] less intrusive”.

firefox extension f1

The developers have added LinkedIn as a new service so that it is now possible to use Mozilla F1 to send links to everyone, your connections or individual users via direct messages.

Capabilities with Facebook and Twitter have been expanded as well. It is now possible to send direct messages to any Twitter follower and share links directly to a group wall on Facebook.

Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo Buzz are the other three services that are currently supported by Mozilla F1.

F1 Panel

Users share messages with Mozilla F1 by clicking on the F1 icon in the Firefox toolbar after installation. They are then able to selected one of the supported services from the menu before the sharing options are displayed.

It is possible that the developers plan to integrate Mozilla F1 into the upcoming Firefox 5 web browser which is currently slated for a mid-2011 release.

Mozilla F1 can be installed directly on the official project website over at Mozilla Messaging.

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