Only One More to Go – Firefox 4 Beta 11 is Out

I’m confused; there have been so many Firefox updates lately, that it’s getting hard to keep them straight …

I’m monitoring the Firefox release ftp server actively for new releases. The long awaited Firefox 4 Beta 11 has just been uploaded to the release server. It means that the Mozilla Firefox development team has finished one of the two remaining beta releases of the Firefox 4 web browser.

Experience has shown that it takes between 12 to 48 hours before the release is officially announced on the Mozilla website. Computer users who are already running Firefox 4 Beta 10 will receive update notifications in the browser at around the same time. Some users may want to try Help > About Minefield to see if the update is already recognized by the browser.

The release notes have not been updated yet, they still link to the release notes of Firefox 4 Beta 10. The release won’t offer any new features as it has been primarily been used to reduce the number of existing blocker bugs that need to be fixed fully before the new browser can be released.

The new beta is already on the official release server. We do not link to that server out of courtesy but you can find it easily yourself. You could also try one of the worldwide mirror servers to download the new beta of Firefox early. The mirror servers are currently being populated with the new release and it may take a few hours before they become available there.

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