Opera Make It So Extension – Resizes Images Automatically

It’s kind of surprising that Opera needs an extension to do this; both IE and Firefox will resize images automatically without an add-on.

Images on the Internet may sometimes be larger in resolution than the web browser window. This may happen if the web browser window is not maximized, but happens as well if the image’s resolution is larger than that of the monitor resolution.

The only option to view the image completely is to resize the image.

The Opera extension Make It So does that automatically in the Opera browser. The extension resizes images automatically whenever their resolution exceeds that of the browser window.

opera make it so extension

The extension works only on images that are displayed directly in the browser window. Images embedded on web pages are not processed by the Opera extension.

Several controls are available to make the viewing of images more comfortable.

The WASD keys flip the image which can be handy if the orientation of the image is not correct. The shortcut B enables and disables a checkerboard background.

Preferences are available to configure various extension settings.

opera images

This includes options to stretch small images automatically to fit the browser window, configure background colors for raster and vector images and the transition speed of the scaling.

Opera 11 users can install Make It so directly from the Opera Extensions gallery.
It is possible to click on the image to toggle between the resized view and the original resolution at any time. The image scales with the browser window which means that it is automatically resized if the browser window is resized.

A double-click on the image fits the shorter side to the browser window which usually means that the longer side becomes scrollable.

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