Out of Band Management Solutions for Both DB9 and RJ45 Applications

Adding an out of band management solution to an existing network facility doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace all of your old DB9 cables with RJ45 cables. WTI Out of Band Management products (http://www.wti.com/c-45-out-of-band-management.aspx)are available with either RJ45 format serial ports or DB9 format serial ports. This allows you to easily add out of bad management capabilities to an existing network installation, regardless of whether the installation uses RJ45 cables or DB9 cables.

An out of band management solution provides network administrators with a powerful array of tools and capabilities that simplify the process of managing and troubleshooting remote network equipment without the need to travel to a remote network site in person. When an out of band management solution is deployed, administrators can access console port command functions on remote devices, monitor events and environmental conditions at remote sites and check the performance of important network elements without leaving the office. Without an out of band management solution, the only way to perform these important functions is often an expensive, time consuming service call to the remote site.

In many cases, the only thing preventing administrators from deploying an out of band management solution, is the fact that many out of band management products are only compatible with newer RJ45 format cables. The cost and trouble of replacing older DB9 cables with RJ45 cables is sometimes enough to discourage administrators from adding out of band management capabilities to their remote network equipment sites. In order to meet the needs of existing network sites that use DB9 cables, WTI Out of Band Management products are available in both RJ45 and DB9 configurations, allowing quick, easy access to out of band communication capabilities without the need to tear out your old DB9 cables and run new RJ45 cables.

In these days of off-site data centers and far-flung remote network equipment sites, it’s absolutely vital to provide network administrators with a way to establish out of band connections with important remote network elements. WTI Out of Band Management products simplify this process by providing a variety of different models to fit the needs of almost any new or existing remote network application. Don’t let a tangle of DB9 cables stand between you and out of band access to remote network devices! Check out WTI Out of Band Management products today; we have solutions that will help you to negotiate that jungle of DB9 cables without the need to rip them all out and replace them with RJ45 cables.

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