Rainmeter 2 Brings Unified Installer and New Plugins

I don’t think I’d have much use for this myself, but if you’re into skins, then this might interest you …

The popular desktop customization suite Rainmeter has been updated by its developers to version 2.0 The new version is fully backwards compatible to existing Rainmeter 1.3 or 1.4 installations and can be installed over the top of those versions.

One of the biggest changes in Rainmeter 2.0 is the new unified installer which combines 32-bit, 64-bit and portable installations. The installer detects the Windows version of the PC and will pre-select the correct installation settings. Runtime libraries, other missing plugins or dependencies are installed automatically during installation.

The default third party skins that shipped with Rainmeter 1.4 have been removed and added to a separate download page. This reduced the size of the installer further and gave the skin developers options to release skin updates directly without having to wait for a Rainmeter updater.

rainmeter desktop

Skins can be installed with a double-click after they have been downloaded if they are offered in the new skin format with the extension .rmskin.

rainmeter 20

Rainmeter 2.0 Feature Overview

  • Rainmeter can now recognize and install skins automatically if they are provided in the right format.
  • Illustro, a new set of default skins has been added
  • Skins now support text input which means it is now possible to search, tweet or do other text input related tasks.
  • Installer is lighter and a portable install option is now available.
  • New plugin integration with the CPU temperature monitor CoreTemp.
  • New tools for skin developers.

The new version of Rainmeter 2.0 is available for download at the official homepage of the project. Here it is also possible to read documentation or download skins from the theme gallery. Another good website for themes is the Rainmeter Deviant Art user group. (via)

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