Scrollbar Search Highlighter for Firefox

I haven’t really messed around with Firefox’s built in search feature yet, but this article makes it sound kind of interesting …

The Firefox built-in page search can be handy at times, especially on large pages or pages where a specific term is not found on first glance. Firefox users just need to press Ctrl-f to open the onpage search form at the bottom of the screen. They can enter a search term there and flip through the results on the active page easily.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter improves that mechanism by adding indicators to the Firefox scroll bar, or more precisely to the right of it, that indicate where the searched words or phrases are located on that page.

The extension modifies the space next to the Firefox scrollbar slightly which becomes apparent once a search has been made. The space is widened a bit to make room for markers that indicate matches on the page.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter

That widened bar stays visible after the first search even if the search form is closed again. Some users may question the necessity of widening the vertical bar in first place. The developer should consider changing this mechanism to avoid this inconsistency.

This extension works with the Finder (Ctrl+F) to help the user see where their search string is present within the web page. The Finder has a “Highlight All” feature that will cause all the matches to be highlighted on the page; if this add-on is used, the matches will additionally be highlighted in a small bar alongside the scrollbar.

Scrollbar Search Highlighter is a handy add-on for Firefox. Especially for users who regularly use the built-in search of the browser to find contents on websites. The Firefox add-on is only available for Firefox 4 and later.

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