Troubleshooting if Windows 7 Update Fails

If you’re having troubles with the SP1 update for Windows 7, this might be helpful …

What can you do if the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Update fails? The answer depends largely on the error code that you see directly on the screen or in the Windows event log. Regardless of that code, it is still possible to try two generic fixes before you try to find a solution for the specific error messages.

The first thing that you may want to try is running the Windows Troubleshooter to resolve any problems that prevent Windows Update from working properly.

Windows 7 users find the troubleshooter when they click on the Start orb, select Control Panel > Troubleshooting and there the Fix problems with Windows Update link.

fix problems with windows update

The Windows Update troubleshooter “resolves problems that prevent you from updating Windows”, which basically means that it tries to repair Windows Update if it is broken or not working properly.

A click on Next starts a scan that should take less than 30 seconds to complete. Problems and issues that have been found are automatically repaired by the troubleshooting process. The troubleshooting tool displays problems that have been found during the scan and if it was able to resolve the problems.

repair windows update

It is then suggested to try the Windows 7 Update again via Windows Update to see if the troubleshooter corrected the updating issue. If the update fails again it is time for the second option, the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows.

  • System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 (KB947821) [download]
  • System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB947821) [download]

Make sure you download the tool that is compatible with your operating system. This means that you need to select the 32-bit or 64-bit edition based on your operating system and the correct language the tool is offered in.

This tool is being offered because an inconsistency was found in the Windows servicing store which may prevent the successful installation of future updates, service packs, and software.

The software has a size of roughly 100 Megabytes for 32-bit systems and 300 Megabytes for 64-bit systems.

What does it do?

After you download the System Update Readiness Tool, it runs a onetime scan for inconsistencies that might prevent future servicing operations. This scan typically takes less than 15 minutes to run. However, the tool might take significantly longer on some computers. The Windows Update progress bar is not updated during the scan, and progress seems to stop at 60% complete for some time. This behavior is expected. The scan is still running and you should not cancel the update.

The tool verifies the integrity of several Windows Registry keys

Files that are located under the following directories:

  • %SYSTEMROOT%\Servicing\Packages
  • %SYSTEMROOT%\WinSxS\Manifests

Registry data that is located under the following registry subkeys:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing

Which errors can it repair and fix?

  • 0×80070002 ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND The system cannot find the file specified.
  • 0x8007000D ERROR_INVALID_DATA The data is invalid.
  • 0x800F081F CBS_E_SOURCE_MISSING The source for the package or file not found.
  • 0×80073712 ERROR_SXS_COMPONENT_STORE_CORRUPT The component store is in an inconsistent state.
  • 0x800736CC ERROR_SXS_FILE_HASH_MISMATCH A component’s file does not match the verification information present in the component manifest.
  • 0x800705B9 ERROR_XML_PARSE_ERROR Unable to parse the requested XML data.
  • 0×80070246 ERROR_ILLEGAL_CHARACTER An invalid character was encountered.
  • 0x8007370D ERROR_SXS_IDENTITY_PARSE_ERROR An identity string is malformed.
  • 0x8007370B ERROR_SXS_INVALID_IDENTITY_ATTRIBUTE_NAME The name of an attribute in an identity is not within the valid range.
  • 0x8007370A ERROR_SXS_INVALID_IDENTITY_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE The value of an attribute in an identity is not within the valid range.
  • 0×80070057 ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER The parameter is incorrect.
  • 0x800B0100 TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE No signature was present in the subject.
  • 0×80092003 CRYPT_E_FILE_ERROR An error occurred while Windows Update reads or writes to a file.
  • 0x800B0101 CERT_E_EXPIRED A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the time stamp in the signed file.
  • 0x8007371B ERROR_SXS_TRANSACTION_CLOSURE_INCOMPLETE One or more required members of the transaction are not present.
  • 0×80070490 ERROR_NOT_FOUND Windows could not search for new updates.

Try to install the Windows 7 Service Pack or another Windows Update again after the System Readiness tool has finished its scan.

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