Who Really Uses Facebook and Twitter?

This is an interesting breakdown of social media users, by age, gender, education, habits and etc …

Some amazing charts have been released today by Digital Surgeons showing the demographic breakdown of who actually uses the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.  It reveals some extremely interesting data.  This includes the fact that of Facebook’s 500 Million users, a massive 41% log in every single day and that 12%, that’s 60 Million people update their status every day.

The gender spread is broadly equal with 54% of Facebook users being men and 46% women.  The largest groups when it comes to income are people earning between $26k and $75k.  People earning less than this make up 13% of its user base.

General awareness of the services in the minds of the general public are excellent with 88% of people aware of Facebook and 87% of people aware of Twitter.

On Twitter 27% of users log in every day and over half of all users, 52% update their status every day.  Again the income levels of users are the same as for Facebook.

As for the user ages, there’s a broad range of ages of Facebook users up to the age of 54 when it tails off.  Twitter users tend to be older but they again tail off at 54.

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