Why is SNMP Support Such an Important Terminal Switch Feature?

WTI Terminal Switch products support SNMP communication and full MIB capability. This provides network administrators with a convenient means to use SNMP based commands to change terminal switch configuration parameters, manage user accounts, retrieve buffered data from buffered terminal switch serial ports and receive alarm notification via SNMP when specific, user-defined events and environmental conditions are detected. All of these functions are especially useful for administrators who need a centralized management capabilities for multiple terminal server units located at remote network equipment sites.

With a WTI Terminal Switch, network administrators and IT support personnel can employ MIB objects to view status reports from remote terminal switch units, change configuration parameters at remote sites and add, delete and edit user account information on multiple terminal switch units from a centralized interface without the need to address each terminal switch individually.

SNMP support also comes in very handy in applications where the terminal switch is used to collect error messages, status messages and other data received via console ports on attached network devices. The WTI Terminal Switch can be configured too forward buffered device data to the appropriate personnel via SNMP trap, or data can be allowed to accumulate in the buffer and an SNMP trap can be sent to IT support personnel when the data buffer becomes nearly full. This drastically streamlines the process of collecting data from terminal switch serial ports and provides a convenient tool for administrators who need to review error and status messages after a network outage, or collect sensor data from multiple remote devices.

When the user-defined event and environmental alarm functions offered by the WTI terminal switch are deployed, SNMP traps can be sent to administrators to provide notification of rack temperature spikes, excessive invalid access attempts, power abnormalities and lost communication with user-specified network elements. The WTI Terminal Switch can send SNMP traps to two different network managers, allowing prompt response when critical network conditions are detected.

SNMP Traps and MIB objects are a vital aspect of most modern network management applications. SNMP support provides administrators with a convenient, standardized format for communication with multiple network devices, as well as communication compatibility with a wide variety of different types of network devices. When designing an out of band management solution for an application that includes remote network equipment sites, WTI terminal switch products provide the perfect solution for secure, centralized communication with multiple equipment installation locations and off-site data centers.

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