WinMend Folder Hidden – Hide Folders from Other Windows Users

This seems like a useful application for the security conscious …

It sometimes may be important to hide folders on a multi-user system to avoid access to the files stored within. It makes sense for instance for important documents to prevent that other users (kids anyone?) tamper with the data or access it. Hidden folders are not really a protection on the other hand, as it is easily possible to display and access those folders if the right setting changes are made on the system.

WinMend Folder Hidden ups the ante by hiding selected folders so that they are not visible even if hidden files are set to be displayed in the Windows operating system. Even better, the protection stays in place even if the data is accessed from outside the operating system, for instance from a Linux Live CD or by connecting the hard drive directly to another computer.

The application is protected with a password which is needed to hide and unhide folders. WinMend Folder Hidden prompts for a password on first run which later can be changed in the program interface.

winmend folder hidden

Options to hide and reveal folders and files are available on the sidebar in the main window. The hide options open a file and folder browser, the “unhide” option makes the selected folders and files visible again.

An unlimited amount of files and folders can be hidden in the Windows operating system this way. It is necessary to start the application, enter the password and select the unhide option every time the folders and files need to be accessed.

WinMend Folder Hidden protects folders and files reliable from unauthorized access in home environments. The application is easy to use and requires no technical background. Comparable solutions like using encrypted containers with True Crypt are more complicated to setup.

The software program can be downloaded from the developer website over at WinMend. Compatibility information are not provided on the website. It worked fine on a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional system.

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