A Remote Console Server with Dual Power Inlets and Power Fallback Capabilities

Most network administrators are well aware of the value of a remote console server; remote console servers provide quick, reliable out of band access to console port command functions on remote network elements, even when the main network is down. Given the importance of a remote console server in out of band management applications, it makes sense to take steps to ensure that the remote console server is always available when it’s needed. That’s why WTI’s TSM-24 and TSM-40 series Remote Console Server units are available with a dual power input configuration, with automatic fallback capability.

WTI’s TSM-24 ad TSM-40 Remote Console Servers are the first products in the industry to provide two AC Power inlets and automated power fallback capabilities. Power fallback capabilities help to ensure that even if a power interruption takes down other network elements at a remote site, you can still use the TSM Remote Console Server to access console port command functions on remote network elements in order to diagnose and troubleshoot problems that may have resulted from the power outage.

TSM remote console server units with dual power inlets can be connected to a main power source and a backup power source, allowing rapid fallback to the backup source in the event of problems with the main power source. This drastically improves the reliability of the TSM remote console server over other, single-inlet remote console server products and also helps to make certain that the TSM remote console server is always available when you need it.

When power to remote network equipment is interrupted, this can sometimes result in conditions that disrupt communication on your main network. This is precisely the type of situation when you need a remote console server the most to help correct problems at remote network installations and also precisely the type of situation that can take down a single-inlet remote console server. A WTI TSM remote console server with dual power inlets and power fallback capabilities provides a valuable tool for administrators who need constant, reliable access to console ports on remote network elements, even when a failure or malfunction of the main power source has disrupted normal network communication.

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