A Serial Switch with a Power Cycle Alarm Helps to Manage Remote Network Equipment

When power to a serial switch is interrupted, this usually means that power to the rest of the equipment rack has also been interrupted. When power outages occur at remote network sites, network administrators often have no way of knowing about it unless the power outage affects network communication and users complain. Although a serial switch is designed mainly for out of band communication with console ports on remote devices, it can also be useful if the serial switch can notify administrators when power to an equipment rack is temporarily lost.

If the serial switch includes a power cycle alarm, the serial switch can immediately notify administrators after power is lost and then restored. This enables IT personnel to keep track of power outages at remote sites, and to investigate the cause of power outages if they are occurring regularly enough to potentially disrupt network communication. When network support personnel know that a particular remote site is experiencing power outages, this also allows administrators to replace or repair failing power components or implement back up power strategies to prevent future power interruptions and improve the reliability of the equipment at the remote site.

Ideally, a serial switch with a power cycle alarm should be able not provide notification via several different means, in order to meet the communication capabilities of a variety of different support personnel. For example, if a serial switch power cycle alarm can provide notification via email, text message, SNMP trap and SYSLOG, this covers most of the popular communication protocols that the average administrator or technician would have at their disposal, and helps to ensure that the serial switch power cycle alarm can be easily integrated into your existing network infrastructure.

Serial switch power cycle alarms should also include the ability to notify more than one network administrator when a power outage occurs. In the event that the primary administrator or support tech is not available, this ensures that back up personnel can be notified of the problem.

A serial switch with a power cycle alarm provides network administrators with an out of band management solution for remote network installations, and also helps administrators to keep track of power conditions at remote sites without traveling to the site in person in order to check up on conditions. Since serial switch units are such a common element at remote network sites, it makes perfect sense for the serial switch to be able to perform other duties besides just allowing out of band access to console port command functions on remote network equipment. A power cycle alarm is just one of many convenient alarm and notification features that network administrators should look for when selecting a serial switch product or setting up an out of band management application.

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