Adobe Security Updates for Flash, Adobe Reader and Acrobat

If you use Adobe Flash, Reader or Acrobat, you should probably check this out …

Adobe has released updates for their popular Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat applications. The updates address a critical security vulnerability that was discoveredearlier this month.

The critical vulnerability affects Adobe Flash, and since Adobe implemented Flash technology in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, those products as well.

The Flash vulnerability affects all Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions on all supported operating systems, as well as Flash Player and earlier for Chrome, Flash Player and earlier for Android and Adobe AIR 2.5 and earlier. Google recently pushed an update that resolved the vulnerability for Chrome.

Attackers can exploit the vulnerability to cause a crash which could allow them to take control over the affected system. We already mentioned in our first report on March 14 that the issue was actively exploited by attackers in the form of embedded Flash files in Microsoft Excel documents that were delivered as email attachments.

The Flash Player update is available on the official Flash download page over at Adobe. Google Chrome users with automatic updates enabled do not need to download the update as Google has already pushed an update to all Chrome users that updated Flash to the latest version.

The new Flash version is for all supported desktop PCs, for Android and for Google Chrome.

adobe flash player

Adobe AIR users can download the new version of the application from the official Adobe AIR download center, the new Adobe Air version is 2.6.

Users can verify their version of Adobe Flash by visiting the About Adobe Flash Player page.

The Security Bulletin that lists additional information is accessible here.

Adobe has released an update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat as well to address the same critical security vulnerability. Adobe Reader and Acrobat X, 10.x and 9.x are affected on Windows and Macintosh systems.

Existing Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat users can use the built-in updating functionality to update the software to the latest version. They need to open Adobe Reader and select Help > Check for Updates from the menu to initiate that process.

It needs to be noted that Adobe is not supplying an update for Adobe Reader X at this point in time. The reasoning is that Adobe Reader X is using Protected Mode which “would prevent an exploit of this kind from executing”. The update will be addressed on the coming quarterly security update which is scheduled for June 14.

The security bulletin lists additional information about the vulnerability, and download links that point to the latest program versions of affected applications.

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