Console Access Servers with SNMP Compatibility Simplify Remote Network Management

An out of band management solution that includes a console access server allows network administrators to access console port command functions on remote network elements, monitor critical events and environmental conditions at remote sites, and establish outbound SSH connections to other devices at the remote site. If the console access server also supports SNMP control, monitoring and configuration, then this provides network administrators with even more vital tools to simplify the management of remote network equipment sites.

A console access server that supports SNMP provides network administrators with the ability use managed MIB objects to display status information for remote devices, change configuration parameters and manage user account information. These capabilities prove to be especially useful for applications that include multiple remote equipment sites, by providing network administrators with a means to issue identical commands, configuration instructions and user account info to a series console access servers located at different remote sites. When user accounts are added or configuration parameters are altered, the use of managed MIB objects ensures that identical information is sent to each console access server. This reduces the chance of keyboard errors, and instances where one console access server in a series is accidentally skipped and provides a level of consistency than would be found if each console access server was addressed individually.

If the console access server also supports monitoring and alarm functions, SNMP compatibility enables the console access server to notify administrators via SNMP trap when an alarm is triggered. For example, if a console access server includes both a temperature alarm and SNMP capability, this allows the console access server to immediately notify administrators and IT support personnel via SNMP trap when rack temperatures rise to unacceptable levels. In this case, prompt notification via SNMP trap enables network personnel to react more quickly to critical situations, and implement preventative measures before high rack temperatures result in a larger problem.

In remote network equipment applications, a console access server and an out of band management solution can provide network administrators with the ability to easily track and manage conditions at remote sites, without the need to travel to the site in person. When a console access server supports additional capabilities such as SNMP communication and environmental/event alarms, this provides the network administrators with more tools to simplify the process of managing and maintaining remote network equipment, and helps administrators to be kept better informed regarding conditions at off-site network installations.

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