Ebay Negs Summarizes Ebay Negative Feedback

If you use eBay very much, this might be helpful …

Users who buy regularly on the popular auction website eBay know that it is a good practice to check a seller’s feedback before making purchases. Every buyer on eBay is allowed to leave feedback about transactions on the website, which can act as an indicator of a seller’s trustworthiness.

The core problem with the default feedback display is that it is not possible to only display negative feedback. This is not a problem if a seller has only completed a few auctions in the past, but auction feedback from sellers with hundreds or thousands of auctions are divided on many pages. It is time consuming to browse through all the pages to find the negative feedback.

The Firefox extension Ebay Negs optimizes the process by generating summary pages that list all negative feedback of a seller.

The Firefox extension adds two context menu entries to the browser that can be used to display the negative feedback summary. These entries are displayed on all pages, not only on eBay domains with the intention to provide look-ups of eBay sellers on non-eBay pages as well.

A right-click on an eBay profile page or an auction, and the selection of Open eBay Negs from the context menu loads the negative feedback summary on the same page or another tab. Other options available include highlighting a profile name before right-clicking. The page that opens lists all negative and neutral comments that the selected seller has received in the past 12 months.

ebay seller negative summary

The extension uses the look-up script offered by Toolhaus. Users who do not want to install the extension and users who do not use Firefox can open the website directly to look-up eBay seller feedback. The add-on basically makes the process more comfortable, which is especially handy for users who regularly buy on eBay and check the sellers before they do.

The summary page lists the feedback score and other information about the seller, plus all negative comments. It is possible to only display negative comments that have been added in the last 30 days.

Ebay Negs is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that is best suited for heavy eBay buyers who do seller background checks before they buy. Everyone else may be better of bookmarking the Toolhaus page to enter seller names manually whenever they want to make a purchase on eBay

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