A Serial Switch that Supports Network Time Protocol Provides Exact Synchronization

In many network applications, the ability to synchronize time settings across a variety of different network devices is of utmost importance. This is especially true in applications where data is collected from multiple network devices, and when time stamped log records are generated to record significant network events. In cases like this, a serial switch that supports network time protocol (or NTP) can prove to be a very valuable asset.

When the devices in your equipment rack support network time protocol, this ensures that system clocks on each individual network element will be set to precisely the same time value. When your serial switch or console server supports NTP, this allows network administrators to make certain that any time stamped alarms or logged event records created by the unit will show time values that accurately reflect the exact same time values that are reported by other NTP compatible devices on your system. This means that if the serial switch log records indicate that communication with an attached device was lost at exactly 12.5 seconds after 12:32 pm, then any error messages generated by the attached device can be accurately compared to the outage that was logged by the serial switch.

In time-critical network applications, NTP compatibility provides a huge advantage over non-NTP devices that essentially rely on the accuracy of your support tech’s wristwatch, and also provides precise time readings, down to fractions of a second. The accuracy and synchronization allowed by NTP compatible devices proves very useful in assuring that time values generated by the various devices in your network application can be precisely compared for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes, and also ensures that data collection applications are able to provide exact time stamping for each data item.

When a serial switch is deployed in a remote network equipment site, it often serves as the network administrator’s eyes and ears; allowing administrators and support personnel to know exactly what’s going on at far away network installations without the need to physically travel to the site. The ability to display status screens and gather data from remote network devices can be an extremely valuable capability in many network applications; a serial switch that supports NTP compatibility drastically increases this value by ensuring that the time settings reported by each device in your network application are in precise agreement, and are accurately synchronized down to fractions of a second.

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