A Server Console Switch with a Power Cycle Alarm Helps to Track Power Conditions at Remote Network Sites

The one thing that all server console switch products have in common, is that they provide out of band access to console port command functions on important network elements when your main network is unavailable. But in addition to out of band management applications, a server console switch can also perform other vital functions that can prove very useful to network administrators who manage remote network installation sites. For example, if the server console switch includes a power cycle alarm, this helps administrators to know when power supplies at remote equipment sites become unreliable and might be on the verge of failure.

A server console switch with a power cycle alarm can notify operators when power at a remote network site has been interrupted and then restored. When power to the server console switch is interrupted, the server console switch will notify appropriate personnel when power is again restored to the unit. Whether the power interruption lasted only seconds, or stretched on for hours, the server console switch can notify up to three IT support personnel via email, text message, SNMP trap or SYSLOG message.

A power cycle alarm helps administrators to be kept aware of all power interruptions, including brief power outages that might otherwise be overlooked if they didn’t effect network performance. This enables IT support personnel to know whenever power is interrupted, and makes it easier to see power interruption trends that might indicate a potential reliability problem with a power source, or recognize cases where the power supply at a remote installation might not be adequate to support the needs of the equipment at the site.

In out of band management applications, a server console switch provides network support personnel with both a means to issue commands to remote devices and also a powerful tool that allows support personnel to be better informed regarding conditions at network equipment sites. A power cycle alarm is just one example of the many convenient features that server console switch products can provide, that simplify the tasks of managing, diagnosing and troubleshooting network equipment.

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