An Invalid Access Alarm Provides an Additional Layer of Security for Console Server Applications

Given the powerful remote access capabilities that are provided by a console server (, it’s absolutely vital that console server products include adequate security measures to protect sensitive command functions from unauthorized access. Typically, a console server product will support standard security features such as password protection and data encryption, as well as popular authentication/validation protocols. These more familiar security precautions provide a substantial level of protection from unauthorized access, but in many cases, it’s also helpful if the console server unit includes an invalid access alarm with automatic port locking capabilities.

In most cases, an invalid access alarm counts failed password attempts via Telnet or internet connection, and then automatically locks the network port when excessive invalid access attempts are detected. This type of feature can prove extremely useful in preventing access by hackers who may be using a random text generator in an attempt to stumble across a valid password in order to gain unauthorized access to console port command functions.

Ideally, should include a sufficient assortment of user-defined parameters that can be set to adapt the alarm to a variety of different applications with different security requirements. An console server invalid access alarm should also allow users to define the number of invalid access attempts that will trigger an alarm, specify ports that will be locked when an alarm is generated, set the time period for which ports will be locked and also select support personnel who will be notified if excessive invalid access attempts are detected. In addition, the invalid access alarm should also support several different notification formats in order to fit the needs of a variety of different users and applications; popular notification formats include email, text message, SNMP Trap, SYSLOG message and others.

For some applications, it’s also helpful if the console server invalid access alarm also includes the ability to notify appropriate personnel if no additional invalid access attempts are detected. Often, this type of information allows administrators to determine if an unusual number of invalid access attempts occurred due to an actual hacking attempt, or if several users were merely having problems with their passwords at the same time.

When managing remote network devices, it’s almost imperative that your network infrastructure includes an out of band management solution that relies on a console server to provide remote access to command functions on important network elements. It’s equally imperative that network administrators and engineers choose a console server that includes security features such as an invalid access alarm, in order to ensure that only authorized users are granted access to sensitive command functions on vital network devices.

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