Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.10 Released

Thunderbird isn’t the most widely used email client in the world, but it looks like there are some important security updates here for those who do use it.

Big release day at Mozilla. Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.10 has been released next to Firefox 4.0.1 on the very same day. The release notes of the new version of the email client mention several performance, stability and security fixes without going into greater detail. The linked Security Advisory page does not list the changes in that new release yet, which leaves Bugzilla as the only source of information.

Bugzilla lists a total of 71 bugs that have been fixed in Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.10, of which two have received the highest possible rating blocker. Additionally, 16 of the issues listed have received a severity rating of critical, and another four one of major.

Several of the fixes appear to be language related, for instance crash fixes when spell checking with French or Hungarian dictionaries, or update crashes when localized strings excess certain parameters.

Just check Bugzilla for the full list of fixes in this version of Thunderbird. The release, unlike that of Firefox 4.0.1 is already available for download at the official Mozilla Messaging website.

You can for instance download it from the official release notes page. It is likely that the email client will pick up the new release soon as well and display notifications in the application, so that in-application updates will become possible as well.

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