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This might help if you’re trying to figure out a domain name for your site, but all of the good ones appear to be taken.

All the good domain names are already taken. I hear that phrase on a regular basis. Is it really true? No it is not, unless you define good as in exact keyword phrase. For domain names, you basically have two options. You can grab a descriptive domain name, e.g. pchardware if you want to sell PC hardware, or a brand name like Yubidoo or whatever. Descriptive domain names are often taken and your best bet is to either expand the search by adding related words or phrases, or by thinking about a brand name.

A third possibility would be to purchase a matching domain name, which can be very beneficial if the original owner wants to sell and the domain is in good standing with the search engines.

Back to finding a free domain name. Most domain brokers have a search form on their website that you can use to check a name with many different extensions. Godaddy will for instance check the most common extensions automatically.

Panabee improves that process further. It is an independent service that offers interesting suggestions for finding the right domain name. You enter one or multiple words in the search form on top. The service will then check the phrase with a .com extension directly as well as alternate domain extensions like .net, .org or .ca. All available domain names are shown with a gree laughing smiley, unavailable domain names with a sad red smiley. This alone is similar to what many domain brokers offer on their pages.

But Panabee displays suggestions that are not offered on most broker websites. It begins with a list of variations, like adding, removing or editing characters.

domain name suggestions

Every domain name suggestion is again checked and displayed as available or unavailable for registration.

Below that related terms are displayed for every phrase that you have entered into the search form. This provides inspiration to try a different search, for instance by replacing one of the terms or by searching directly for one of the suggested words (PCHardware may be taken but what about ComputerHardware?) . A click on a related term performs a search for that word or phrase.

Panabee displays word and phrase translations on the very same page as well, which may sometimes reveal additional options or domain possibilities.

That still is not the end of it. The service furthermore displays mashup results from Twitter, Facebook, Google Search and Wikipedia which might also provide additional suggestions.

A click on an available domain name redirects to the Godaddy website where it can be purchased. It does not seem as if information are submitted in the process between the two sites, which means that you will have to enter the desired domain name again on the Godaddy website before you can make the purchase.

What I like about Panabee is the wealth of suggestions that are displayed on the page, even though some feel a bit out of line. Still, it is worth a shot especially if you are out of other options or ideas.

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